Support association "Centre for Talent Expression" in Winneba

Boarding school CTE         in Ghana

CTE is an NGO school which was founded by professor Morphius Eurapson-Quaye as training centre in Winneba, Ghana. Here young women and men receive the chance of a cost-free 3-year training including officially recognized degrees. Our association supports this NGO school which is dependent on regular donations in its build-up and extension efforts and thus encourages the graduates to create a perspective for an independent life.

CTE:                                                       A way of making ...

the helpless to be helpful

cost-free school education

the hopeless to be hopeful

enable graduations

the useless to become useful

safeguard existence

The support association:

  • Live solidarity through reliable support as a member
  • Safeguard future opportunities through regular support
  • Discourage migration through sustainable support


  • Expansion & operation
  • Projects
  • Inter-cultural exchange



CTE Development:


Campus Internet online



New Restaurant in Progress


Showroom to Exhibit CTE Products in Progress

Campus Life under COVID-19



New Teacher Building in Progress


Computer Equipment from "2019 Container Project" Installed






Container  Project


100 chairs, PCs, flatscreens, WLAN routers, classroom boards, bicycles, cloths, shoes, musical instruments, sewing machines, tools and many more items have been collected in September and October; packing in November; shipping in December, arrival in  February 2020;


3 cars were donated and  two of them shipped separately; one car was sold to contribute to cover the shipping cost.

Topical: In October it was time again...

Morphius toured around many schools in Emsland, Graftschaft Bentheim and other near-by regions.

Thank you for bringing as so much joy!


Should you be interested in a drum workshop or an active evening with african music, please leave a message under "contact".


Should you be interested in an inter-cultural evening with music and an account of the CTE and Ghana, please leave a message under "contact".


 We are prepared to visit your school or institution at any time in Emsland region and nearby.

Comprehensive School Emsland supports aid project in Ghana

Anniversary celebration and donation gala on Saturday 03.11.2018 in Lingen/Ems 


School partnership with "Centre for Talent Expression" in Winneba

Announcement in local newspaper "Lingener Tagespost", 01.11.2018

Morphius Eurapson-Quaye celebrates his 70th birthday and 15 years of partnership

Text-Link & Program-Link 



Topical: Morphius visited Emsland schools again, he toured the Grafschaft area and beyond. This time: OBS Schüttorf, Erich-Kästner-Schule Schüttorf, Evang. & Kath. Grundschule Schüttorf, OBS Twist, Gesamtschule Emsland, Gymnasium Georgianum, Schulzentrum Lohne, Geschwister-Scholl-Schule Dalum, Keppler Gymnasium & Anne-Frank Realschule in Ibbenbüren und das Kardinal-von-Galen-Gymnasium in Mettingen. All these schools contributed to the fundraising gala through their tremendous commitment.

On Nov. 3, 2018 the big jubilee and birthday gala took place at the Gesamtschule Emsland including Morphius for the benefit of the ‘Centre for Talent Expression’ in Winneba.


Outcome of the fundraising gala: 15,000 €


This amount was donated for the benefit of the schoolbus project. Morphius, the CTE and the support society are grateful for the contribution of the guests. A great evening with lots of music, delicious food and exciting stories about twenty years of construction work and creation of the CTE. 

Such a lot of solidarity is great encouragement. Thanks to everybody who joined in and donated.




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