CTE and its training priorities

CTE in Winneba is a boarding school which provides to the poorest of the poor the opportunity for education and a recognized school graduation or professional qualification.

The youth unemployment rate in Ghana is higher than 50 %. The association supports the graduates in their efforts to find the way into autonomy, on the basis of their graduation and through selective patronage.


The seamstress training and the development of own fashion designs and their manufacturing is an important area of qualification at the CTE.

Home economics

The catering training is one of the most popular qualification fields at the CTE.

Hairdresser & cosmetician

The hairdresser training and the cosmetician training are further qualification areas at the CTE.


The carpenter training is one of the professional training options of the CTE, as well as masonry and welding.

Theatre and music are important at CTE  and an important part of very day life. Adequate musical and cultural graduations are therefore possible.

IT & electrical engineering

Training opportunities in the areas of computers, electrical installation und electronics are three of the technical qualification courses.

School building           "Emsland"

The boarding school building 2 was built from donations within the last couple of years, acquired mainly by the Comprehensive School Emsland and other schools in the region via the drums workshops with Morphius.


General school graduations can be achieved which allow to attend a university

All graduations are recognized by the state and held by official examiners at the end of the school education. Therefore they meet international standards.