Society of "Center for Talent Expression" in Winneba - Ghana

Boarding-School CTE

CTE is a NGO school founded by professor Morphius Eurapson-Quaye as training centre in Winneba, Ghana. Here young women and men get the opportunity to complete a free of charge 3-year training with state-approved degrees. As support association we sponsor this NGO-School which is dependent on regular donations in its build-up and extension efforts, and we support the graduates to create a perspective for a self-reliant live.


Hope for the hopeless

Free of charge school education

Help for the helpless

Facilitate school graduation

Making the needful needless

Secure existence

The association:

  • Live solidarity through reliable support
  • Secure opportunities through regular support
  • Discourage migration through sustainable support

Latest news

Tour 2019 & Container project

From 28 October to 8 November 2019 Morphius, this time supported by his son Michael, was on tour with us in Emsland and the county. Clemens Vollmer was again his tour manager and often we started before 7 am with packed trailer and 40 drums towards Schüttorf, Lingen or the Twist.


This time, also donations in kind for a container with useful supplies for the CTE were collected in the schools. In addition to summer clothing, donations included kitchen utensils for the teaching kitchen, sewing machines for the tailoring workshop, tools for the carpentry workshop, instruments for music lessons and computers and network technology for the IT department.


The whole thing developed into a successful large-scale project, which kept us busy for several months with surprises and new twists and turns.


More about this in the report under Projects.


In any case, we are currently dependent on special donations, because the import duties, which are difficult to calculate, turned out to be much higher than all parties involved would have expected. NGO institutions do not have an easy time in Ghana.


The reserves of the association have been used up and without additional effort the planned expansion of the CTE can only proceed very slowly.



Goal: 4000 € by the end of June


for the repayment of a credit for the release of relief supplies from customs.


We are also further dependent on your donations, because the CTE urgently needs a library with reference books, the PV system is to be extended and new classrooms have to be built. The school is growing and so are the tasks for us as supporters.


 The CTE deserves our support.

Special appeal for donations for customs clearance costs

Tops from 2018:

  • Big fundraising gala - 15 000 € for a school bus
  • Oberschule Schüttorf becomes new partner school of the CTE association

November 2018: Morphius was on the road again at schools in Emsland, in the county and beyond. This time: OBS Schüttorf, Erich-Kästner-Schule & ev. & Kath. primary school in Schüttorf, OBS Twist, Gesamtschule Emsland, Gymnasium Georgianum, Schulzentrum Lohne, Geschwister-Scholl-Schule Dalum, Keppler Gymnasium & Anne-Frank Realschule in Ibbenbüren and the Kardinal-von Galen-Gymnasium in Mettingen. All these schools have contributed significantly to the result of the fundraising gala through their commitment


On 03.11.2018 a big jubilee and birthday gala with Morphius for the "Centre for Talent Expression" in Winneba took place in the Gesamtschule Emsland.


Outcome of fundraising gala: 15 000 €

More than 15 000 € were raised for the school bus project. Morphius, the CTE and the association are very grateful for the commitment of all guests. A great evening with lots of music, delicious food and exciting stories about 20 years of development work and the creation of the CTE.


So much solidarity gives courage. Thanks to all who were there and donated.                                       Link to the report

There were several special reasons to celebrate:


 Morphius celebrated his 70th birthday with us


20 years of drum workshops at German schools


15 years of cooperation with the comprehensive school Emsland


10 years Centre for Talent Expression


1 year CTE-School-Partnership Ghana-Verein


New partner school - OBS Schüttorf

If you are interested in a drum workshop or an active evening with African music, please write us under "Contact".


If you are interested in an intercultural evening with music and a report about the CTE and Ghana, please ask under "Contact".


 We will come to your school, your institution or your club at any time.



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