Projects 2017 -2019

PV system 2017

Since July 2017 the CTE finally has permanent electricity. The cost for self-contained electricity supply via PV modules and a battery storage unit as stand-alone solution are carried by the association. The financing of the unit and a later extension is effected exclusively by donations of the association.

Water 2018

Since March 2018 there is finally current and clean water supply. The boring of a well 100 meters deep was necessary, and the power supply was a prerequisite for the operation of the pumps and the also required desalination unit. The financial funds for this investment were raised via donations for music events including Morphius, organized at schools in the Emsland and Grafschaft region in October 2017.

Mobility 2019

The replacement of a small bus is very urgent. The campus of the CTE is located some kilometers outside the town of Winnenba. The currently operating busses regularly fail and cause enormous repair cost. The utilization of public transportation is prohibitive for the trainees from the surrounding villages.