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Help into self-employment

Successful graduation from the CTE alone is not enough to counteract the high level of youth unemployment in Ghana - targeted financial support and continuous support for self-employment must be integrated for greater sustainability. Our concept goes beyond pure microfinance, because it is not expected that the funds made available by the association will be repaid back for a business start-up, but that the long-term support provided by the CTE on site is essential and thus ensures on a sustainable basis that the business founders and their families have a permanent income. Building on this, a solidarity network can emerge that will bring more stability to graduates and the CTE. The first local financing projects will start in 2019. The 2250 € donated by the 10th graduation year will flow into the starting capital of this help for self-help project.


Farewell with a special gift

(Article: Lingener Tagespost 31.12.2018)

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