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Campus in Ghana grows thanks to support from Emsland area


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Campus Development goes on:


Internet is on now.


Erection of a new Restaurant & Exhibition Hall next to the main road area is making progress.

                  Campus Internet

       Restaurant and Exhibition Hall

Special donation appeal - June 2020

One container and two donated cars were shipped by the association to Winneba and arrived there safely in February 2020.


A loan had to be taken out for the unexpectedly high customs clearance costs. We would like to take over this loan as an association and need 4000 € extra for this.


This is the only way the CTE can continue with the extension of the classrooms and the apartments for the teachers as planned.


We can achieve this together.


Here are the bank details for "special donation customs clearance costs":

Morphius on tour 2019

Morphius and his sun Michael visited schools in the region of Emsland and Grafschaft Bentheim from the 28th of October to the 8th of November.


He was accompanied by his son Michael.


This time it was not only drumming, but also on some weekends "packing containers until late at night". More about this under projects.


More information about the container actions in this period can be found on the homepage under News.


Please also pay attention to our special appeal for donations.

Fairtrade community donates 300 €

St. Marien Brögbern-Damaschke has been a Fairtrade parish since 2015. From their proceeds from the sale of Fairtrade products they have supported the Center for Talent Expression with a donation of 300 €. This is help in a double sense. 


The new school bus has arrived!


That was quick - in February we researched and inspected, and many a trip to Accra was necessary to find the right bus. Since March 2019 it is now registered and ready for action: A Hyundai County Combo with 29 seats.

The expansion of the CTE continues!


The access road to the main street has been built, the wood technology department has built a lounge for the CTE and guests, and a roofed meeting area "Sommers Block" has been created, which is regularly used for dance and music. The kitchen area "Home Economics" now bears the name "Flensburg-Kiel-Lübeck Connection - Schleswig-Holstein".

Help into self-employment

Successful graduation from the CTE alone is not enough to counteract the high level of youth unemployment in Ghana - targeted financial support and continuous support for self-employment must be integrated for greater sustainability. Our concept goes beyond pure microfinance, because it is not expected that the funds made available by the association will be repaid back for a business start-up, but that the long-term support provided by the CTE on site is essential and thus ensures on a sustainable basis that the business founders and their families have a permanent income. Building on this, a solidarity network can emerge that will bring more stability to graduates and the CTE. The first local financing projects will start in 2019. The 2250 € donated by the 10th graduation year will flow into the starting capital of this help for self-help project.


Farewell with a special gift

(Article: Lingener Tagespost 31.12.2018)

Video CTE 2017

By Mariam Sörensen

CTE Staff 2018/2019


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